NYT: Faces of Breast Cancer

NYT Picture Your Life

In 2013 The New York Times’ Well blog started the “Picture Your Life” Project inviting readers to share their experiences with breast cancer. Two years later people are still contributing to the project from all over the world, telling stories of their own treatment and survival or writing in memory of the women they loved and have lost.

The personal nature of the accounts combined with the intimacy of family photos give the feature its power. Sometimes ordinary people tell their own stories best. This is a moving story that’s worth spending time with.


The WSJ’s MH370 tribute


After the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014, theories about what had happened dominated news around the world. The plane’s whereabouts and the fate of the 239 people on board remained a mystery, and as time progressed possible explanations of its loss became increasingly unusual.

The Wall Street Journal was among the first news organisations to put wild speculation aside to stop and remember the people who’d been on the plane – people who had families who loved them who were desperate for answers. Their tribute – a simple collection of photos, quotes, and messages about those lost – came from the people closest to them, the people who knew them best. The WSJ made the appeal via their website and the Twitter hashtag #MH370TributeWSJ.

Lost at Sea: Profiles from Flight MH370