Half the Sky

Half the Sky is a game played within Facebook. Players begin the game in India, where they meet Radhika, a woman who “wants to make the world better”. The game’s premise is that anything you do in its online world, you can also do in real life. Players can purchase “in-game power-ups” or virtual currency that translate into real-world donations to the charity.

Half the Sky partners include NGOs such as the Fistula Foundation, GEMS, Heifer International, ONE, Room to Read, the United Nations Foundation, and World Vision.

All money collected in the game goes to charity.


The BBC’s Syrian Journey

BBC Syria

The BBC copped a bit of flak for this story, which presented readers with a series of choices they must make to escape war-torn Syria. Some critics said making the war and the stories of people trying to find safety into a ‘game’ was trivialising their plight. Other commentators wrote that it was the perfect way to get the message across, and that games can explore serious subject matter.