Using StoryMapJS

The Washington Post uses StoryMapJS to map the Islamic State's incursion into Iraq and Syria.
The Washington Post uses StoryMapJS to map the Islamic State’s incursion into Iraq and Syria.

Another excellent How To from the site that explains how and why to use a map to take readers on a journey.

The Washington Post’s StoryMap is here.


Pro Publica & The Lens: Losing Ground


A collaboration between Pro Publica and New Orleans-based non profit newsroom The Lens, Losing Ground is a story about land in the US state of Louisiana being lost to rising water as a result of climate change, drilling and dredging for gas. The story is a classy combination of clever graphics and maps, satellite images, good photography, audio and text that together form a highly detailed picture of the threat to people’s homes and livelihoods.

The L.A. Times Homicide Report

The Homicide Report (Los Angeles Times).

The Los Angeles Times Homicide Report started in 2007, and records every death deemed by the state coroner and police to be a deliberate killing. The report is an interactive map, blog, and searchable database that compiles information about the name, gender, age, and ethnicity of victims, as well as recording the time and place of each murder. The site’s tagline, ‘A story for every victim’, reflects the way it presents each case; a report of the circumstances of each death, with a photo of the person who died, is detailed in the blog.