SBS: Cronulla Riots – the day that shocked the nation

SBS Cronulla

This story is documentary film, map, and detailed interactive woven together in an effective multimedia feature that attempts to explain the 2005 Cronulla riots. It investigates themes such as racism, police, the media and notions of language and identity.

Cronulla Riots – the day that shocked the nation won the Walkley Award for Multimedia Reporting in 2014.

The NYT’s Snowfall


The mother of all multimedia stories, Snowfall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek had the work of a huge reporting, graphics and programming team behind it. The story started as a traditional feature by reporter John Branch. NYT sports editors saw the potential for a multimedia story.

“As we started to collect our ideas for the structure of the project, the multimedia group agreed that we didn’t want to create a bunch of different overlapping pieces and hang them all off the text. We wanted to make a single story out of all the assets, including the text.”  – Steve Duenes, Graphics Director

The result is a continuous narrative that uses beautifully designed maps and graphics as part of the story’s narrative rather than as stand-alone add-ons that merely repeat information presented in the written feature.

You can read more about how the story was put together here.